28 hour Visa Run


The adventure began at 4 pm on a Monday afternoon when I saw the bus I would be taking. Sleeper Busses are built for 5ft. Chinese people and it was one of the most uncomfortable 12 hours of my life. Minus sleeping in the middle of a desert in a parked bus with 30 other strangers until sunrise. On the way back I thought I would be clever and take an 8 hour taxi. Chinese guys are skinny right? The 2 FATTEST Chinese dudes I have ever seen in my life pile in the back of this taxi and we are on our way. My trip ended at 8pm on Tuesday when my taxi dropped me off and with a sigh of relief I let out an audible, “fuck that”. Next time I need to renew a Visa I’m flying. 

On the way to Mongolia, around 2 hours from Beijing, guess who saw the Great Wall of China? It’s a terrible foto, but still, what have you done lately?