The short story "Here Then Gone" by Degen Hill

Here Then Gone

In the future, the Exodus Project was implemented to curb overpopulation. On a person’s 75th birthday, an implanted microchip shuts down their nervous system and ends their life. (12,000 words)

Scarlet Leaf Review - August 2019

Cover for the Short Story - Dimensional by Degen Hill


Earth is discovered to be a simulation. After great effort, a small team of experts manages to reach a higher dimension - only to find that this too, is a simulation. This gives rise to Dimension Climbers: Those who dare to ascend higher and higher towards the true world - “The Edge.”

Laborotics Cover - A Short Story


In the year 2100, Death row inmates get a second chance at life - their consciousness is uploaded to a robot to carry out manual labor as part of the Laborotics program. Is this a life worth living or is death the preferable alternative? (2,600 words)