WWU - Apple Airpods Review


Back in October I bought a pair of Apple Airpods, the first wireless headphones I had ever used. Here are my thoughts:

In life, there are certain things that can be labeled a “game changer”, and wireless headphones are one of those. The Apple Airpods aren’t the traditional wireless headphones, as there is no cable connecting them, so maybe not the best ones to start with, but hey, they are what they are. They have made my life so much more convenient, not having to deal with wires when riding my scooter, at the gym, or while traveling. 


The Airpods fit in my ears well, and will stay in there, but I have one issue. The entire Airpod is made of the same plastic, which is slippery. I do sometimes have to adjust them in my ear while on my scooter as the high winds sometimes cause them to come loose. I bought a cheap silicon thing that can slip over the part that goes in the ear, but then the charging case won’t close despite the thinness of the material.


The case is light and easy to carry around. Furthermore, the headphones charge extremely fast, and I’ve never had to worry about them dying. In addition, the bluetooth has always worked and connects fast, even when switching between my phone and computer. The sound quality is pretty good. It’s not exceptional, and they won’t even compare to over-the-ear headphones, but the bass is solid and both music and podcasts sound crisp.

A few weeks ago, I dropped the case and put it back in my pocket. When returning home, I found that one of the airpods had fallen out, which was an expensive mistake. It is possible to go to the Apple store to just buy one Airpod, but it wasn’t cheap. I bought a silicon cover that slips over the entire case, thus ensuring it won’t open if dropped again. With that said, I wish the case had a stronger magnet to keep it closed.


I hate when tech reviews give a certain number of stars or rate a product with a percentage. It’s so arbitrary, like what's the real difference between 95% or 96% when it come to personal opinion? Most tech reviews receive a 3 or 3.5 star rating, which doesn’t exactly tell me if it’s a good product or not. So, I will end my review with “Get it” or “Forget it”, and for Apple’s Airpods, I say get it.