Well done China

It's no secret that here in Beijing, there are many things that I, for lack of a better word, 'hate'. However, there is one thing that we as Beijingers can unanimously agree is awesome and that is: couriers. China's delivery system is beautifully chaotic. The lawlessness of the road allows for motorcycles, electric bikes, cyclists, and any other make-shift transportation to instantly deliver whatever your heart desires. The top of the list are packages from Taobao, and next would be takeout food. There are apps devoted solely to takeout, with over 100 restaurants in your area, you select the food, and within an hour, some Chinese guy in a colored outfit is at your door. The integration of using Wechat wallet or Alipay into every aspect of Chinese consumer life has made buying things extremely easy. Some more obscure delivery items include medicine from a pharmacy, fresh fruit, and those water cooler things you see in offices. As a self proclaimed 'developing' country, life in Beijing can be culturally challenging, but the efficiency with which I can obtain material goods is astoundingly simple. I don't exactly know how efficient the mechanics of the operation are, but as someone on the receiving end of what I order, no complaints so far.