Fireworks have been non stop ever since Chinese New Year started


This is some of the aftermath. The streets are covered in the remains of those tiny little things that go ‘boom’.


Degen Hill

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Chinese New Year was awesome


The following morning, not so much. I guess some people still had a couple of fireworks, read: shit ton, and thought 8am would be a good time to set them off. Oh China..

Happy New Year!

As people slowly start to catch their flights back home for the Chinese New Year, Beijing slowly begins to shut down. Restaurants board up their windows and stack the chairs while others merely put up a sign which I assume says, “Happy New Year”. The streets seem a bit less crowded and by Friday, I’m sure they will be empty. My gym closes in 2 days and for that first week of February, I’m not sure the word ‘bored’ will even come close to  the way I will feel. Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s about to get real