Where you at?

Things I have not seen since being in Peru:

1. Convertibles

2. Beer on tap

3. Toyota Prius

4. Public water fountains

5. Monster energy drink

6. Soda vending machines

7. Automatic Urinal

8. Milk in a plastic container. It either comes in a big juice box or a bag

9. Coinstar. Oh how I miss Coinstar

10. Water sold in bulk. As in a flat of 24 bottles. 

11. Elevators. I’m sure they exist, but haven’t seen nor taken one in a year

12. Parking meters

13. Automatic soda/water dispensers used by bartenders

14. Fitted Hats

15. Cold open coolers for beer. Only a variety of 6 packs and singles are kept in refrigerators. Super markets (in Arequipa) don’t have aisles like the ones where cheese and milk are kept; designated only for beer. 

16. Buttons for cross walks. 

On an unrelated note, while surfing the net, I saw single serving packets of Sriracha and just about lost my mind. 

Degen Hill

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