Topper de Estudiantes de La Plata (no idea), Real Madrid, and Ecuador jerseys for a whopping total of S/. 45 ($17) Not a bad day at the market. 

I’ll be teaching during the Real vs. Barca game on Saturday but thinking of streaming it online and having my students translate the commentary. Smart. One of my students does MMA and since I box, we’re going to spar Saturday night. I’ll keep you posted on the results. 

Just a bit of construction that I pass by on my way to the gym. Can’t say that I’ve seen much progress in the past 2 months but I’m sure they’ll get there eventually. This week has flown by and I’m sure it’s because I got paid on Tuesday and finally financially recovered from my Chile trip. The exchange rate killed me: Meaning I couldn’t get a grasp on how much an 800 peso beer really was. 

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