Oh Peru...

2 big things I’ve noticed while here in Peru. 

1. People stare. A lot. And i’m not talking about a “Why does he have so many freckles?” sort of glance, it’s a full on stare. It’s usually the men, more around my age and I get mean mugged in a, “Who invited you to our country?” sort of way. Sometimes I’ll wave at them or say something to them in English; I’ve found that embracing it makes it less awkward. At least they don’t yell at me like in El Salvador. I never got used to that.  

2. I’ve never seen so many pregnant women / women with newborn babies as much as I have here. Walking from my house to the gym, I’ll easily pass 8-10 women either with a baby or about to have one. Babies are literally everywhere, usually crying or swaddled up in a bright colored shawl wrapped around an indigenous women’s back. It’s something I wouldn’t have expected, but after being here for 6 months, I’m accustomed to it. 

And apparently my Tumblr is from England because when I type “realize’ or ‘colored’, it kindly suggests I change them to 'realise’ and 'coloured’.