Oh look, a gringo!

Got invited to a birthday party last night and I accepted, thinking it would be at most 20 people. Nope. There was a dj, lights, fog machine, full free bar, couch areas in the backyard and more food than was necessary. Of course, I was the only ‘gringo’ which means that everyone and their mom wanted to speak their broken English with me. So I politely put up with 5 minute stories that could have been explained in a sentence, then courteously asked if we could continue the conversation in Spanish. 

This happens quite frequently and the worst offenders are the taxi drivers. This is how most of my taxi rides go. 
“Where you from gringo?”

“States dude”

“Oh you speak Inglish?”

“Ah, once in awhile”

“Oh me too, mira: One, too, tree, foooor, five!!” Then they start laughing

“Wow, impressive” And then I just start babbling in English until they look confused enough to stop talking. Never fails.