Got bored on my 6:45 am walk to school and thought, why not be a tourist and take some pictures. The taxi is one of the many thousand here in Arequipa that makes getting around quite easy. “Step your game up” was one of the expressions I am currently teaching my advanced class along with “Nailed it”, “Get away with…” and “Cool story bro”. I would say TGIF, but I have a 4 hour class starting at 8 tomorrow, and I thought being a student was exhausting. Beats working in a bank though. Cheers to the weekend and I hope all of you in Cheney have a delicious, watered-down American beer for me tonight. 

Degen Hill

This is my travel blog and writing portfolio covering my life in China and my trips around the world, including the food, experiences, people, culture, history, and architecture. Living in Beijing has been an adventure, so here's some insight into one of the world's biggest cities.

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