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Tagline: A Chinese couple must deal with morality, conspiracy, and murder in order to have a child under the new Contraception Initiative in the year 2070.

Blurb: A thriller set 50 years in the future, when the world’s population has reached catastrophic proportions. Out of endless war and revolutions arose a new universal policy, one which brings out the worst in people so they can create a better world. When Li Hu and his wife want to have a child they must be approved by Contraception – an initiative requiring each applicant to first kill three random people to combat the world’s growing population. But such a radical solution is open to corruption, and Li soon faces hitmen, hackers and hostile politicians in a bid to overcome near-impossible odds.

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Jaime Michele - Goodreads Review

"Degen Hill has just made my list of favorite authors. Contraception is so intelligent, so fast paced, and so consuming that I was initially shocked that I'd never come across the author or the title before. Imagine my further surprise upon discovering this is a debut novel by a debut novelist.


The futuristic and sci-fi elements blend seamlessly with a quickening plot and wholly authentic dialogue. There is also an assassin named Victor, who a reader will struggle to despise even though he does despicable things.

In truth, everyone else has their own list of dirty deeds to contend with - including Li and Mei, but Hill has developed his character's so deftly that they are all, even Victor, thickly layered and intriguing.

I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a read with a unique and believable dystopian twist, top-notch action and suspense sequences, and the first run from an author who you'll undoubtedly hear more from down the road. This is the best book I've read so far this year. I'm not kidding."

Ruffina Oserio - Readers’ Favorite

"I loved the idea behind this novel and it is something that seems to be very plausible. I have heard rumors about the Chinese population control policy, and I think that the question of overpopulation will eventually become a serious one if humankind continues at today’s growth rate. Degen Hill’s story is well plotted and the characters are fully fleshed out. While Contraception can be entertaining, it is a prophetic novel that is brilliantly constructed and executed with great skill. The author draws the attention of readers to a serious threat to the world, one that few take the time to think about. Readers will enjoy the writing, the clear narrative voice, the intensity of the action, and the well-handled settings."

Christian Sia - Readers’ Favorite

"This is a realistic novel that takes a serious look at one of the problems of our earth. In a very somber tone, the narrator says that “The world was overpopulated, but somehow still refused to admit that it was ill equipped to deal with mankind’s greatest problem — man himself.” Degen Hill has used the question of overpopulation to spin a story that engages readers, forces them to think about the fate of the planet, while entertaining them with a perilous journey of a couple in search of answers. The narrative is very well done and the international setting comes out vividly throughout with cultural elements that readers will be interested in learning. Contraception has strong characters and a beautifully created plot."

Rowena Hoseason - Murder, Mayhem & More

Author Degen Hill uses his detailed knowledge of today’s Chinese society – doubtless informed by the lasting impact of the one-child policy – to range far and free among moral uncertainties in this thought-provoking story. I hugely enjoyed Contraception’s moral debates, and the author’s insightful observations of 21st century society and speculation on where they may lead.

Contraception is a first novel – and it displays all the volatile dynamism of a first time author who is refining his craft, so it’s pretty easy to forgive the odd bump in the road. I’ll certainly look out for Degen Hill’s next offering, and hope it delivers more of his inventive and provocative story-telling.