Fixies In Beijing


Riding a Fixie, this is where I fear for my life - the streets of Beijing

Streets of Beijing

My fixie is finished


For now. Working on finding a white chain and saving money for a pink rear gear. 

Went on a bike ride with my buddy yesterday who talked a lot of shit about my bike not having brakes and how dangerous it was compared to his Trek mountain bike. Shortly after, a Chinese lady stepped into the bike path, he slammed on his brakes, and skidded into a crash, resulting in a bent front tire and road rash. It was a nice bike ride though…

Shoutout today goes to the boys at Merida


They’ve been helping me fix up my bike and showing me around Shuangjing. 

The bike shown is my buddies. Mine is a work in progress, but when it’s finished, you better believe I’ll get a pic up

My new Fixie